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Special Application

FSB 42 4255 Pocket Door Latch and Pull FSB 42 4255 Pocket Door Latch and Pull

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FSB 42 4255 Pocket Door Latch and Pull $274.00
Details: FSB Model 42 4255 Pocket Door Latch & Pull

FSB 42 4255 edge prep template & pilot hole drill bushings on door face. Locate template on door in the proper location for the installation, clamp the template to the door using your own clamps. Mortise the edge prep 20.2 mm x 167 mm using a 1/2" cutter and a 5/8" template guide on your router. Using the hardened steel drill bushing, drill the four 3/16" pilot holes in the door face using a 3/16" drill bit. One of these pilot holes will be used to locate the Secondary Template on the door face in the next step. Option; if you are using your router to produce the deep pocket mortise you will mortise between the two red block-off tabs using a 1/2” router bit and a 3/4” template guide and a long router bit.  Step #2, locate the secondary template on the door face using the red edge alignment stops and move the template into the proper location with one of the two alignment holes aligning with the 3/16" pilot hole drilled previously. Mortise the two 66mm pockets using a 1/2" router bit and a 5/8" template guide on your router. NOTE: Secondary template shown in the photo inset to the left. Template shows the two small alignment sight holes.

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Stock Number: FSB 42 4255

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