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Special Application

Emtek Pocket Door Master Template Emtek Pocket Door Master Template Emtek Pocket Door Master Template

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Emtek Pocket Door Master Template $319.00
Details: Emtek Pocket Door Master Router Template, Modern, Classic, Narrow Modern & Rustic Modern Emtek Locks

This three sided wrap around router template will allow for the door preparation for 3 of the most popular Emtek Pocket Door Locks. Get one template to cover three Emtek Pocket Door installations. This template provides for the "Surface Mounting" of the flush pulls on the door face, if you require "Flush Mounting" of the pulls a secondary template is required. Please contact us.

1.    Modern & Classic: (rectangle insert)  included

2.    Narrow Modern: (oval insert)  as shown in photo to the left

3.    Rustic Modern sandcast bronze: (No insert required)

We supply two sets of white ABS inserts for the door face preps:  1 set for the Modern / Classic and 1 set for the Narrow Modern. With no ABS inserts placed in the door face prep position on the template legs the template is configured for the Rustic Modern sandcast bronze lock. Clamp the template to your door using your own clamps.

Door edge finish mortise @ 7/8" x 8-1/16" with a deep pocket mortise of 11/16" x 6-3/4" for the lock body. When mortising for the deep center pocket with your router, mortise between the two red block-off tabs (shown in the photo). Installer must use a 13/16" OD template guide on the router & 1/2" cutter to produce the deep pocket mortise. All other mortises will use our standard 5/8" OD template guide and 1/2" router bit. Template positions the center of the lock hardware @ 2-3/16” from the door edge. Clamp-On legs are set for 1-3/8" door thickness but can be adjusted to a wider door. Note: template cannot be used on doors thinner than 1-3/8" as supplied. If you need the template to work on thinner doors please state in the comment section upon checkout that you need the template to work on a specific door thickness, such as 1-1/4" as an example.

Additional items you may need:  Don't buy this template until you look at the listings below, you may not be able to use the template if you don't have some or all of these.

Emtek Pocket Door Strike

TG-812  13/16" Template Guide

SRB-1 Standard Router Bit  

TG-1 Template Guide

LRB-2 Extra Long Router Bit

Stock Number: Emtek P/D Master-3

Support and Help Files: Emtek Pocket Door install sheets.pdf
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