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Dust Bucket, for ST-168 Strike

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Dust Bucket, for ST-168 Strike $54.00
Details: Dust Bucket for our ST-168 strike template

Dust Bucket finish mortise dimension is: .850" x 2.850" Template has alignment slots to align the dust bucket template to the finish mortise of the mated strike template, ST-168 "T" Strike. Mortise for the "T" Strike, remove the strike template, place the dust bucket template over the mortised pocket of the strike and align the dust bucket template using the pocket opening in the dust bucket template and the alignment slots on the template. attach to the jamb using the two nail assemblies that are included on the template. Mortise using your router and a 1/2" bit with a 5/8" od template guide.

Stock Number: ST-168 DB

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