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Special Application

Accurate Model 2002CPDL & 2000.S Pocket Door

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Accurate Model 2002CPDL & 2000.S Pocket Door $311.00
Details: Accurate Model 2002CPDL & Model 2000.S Pocket Door Template, three sided wrap-around

Accurate Model T-ALH.2002CPDL Pocket Door Template. Edge prep mortise: 1" x 8" with a 1/2" cutter & 5/8" guide, and;

Accurate Model T-ALH.2000.S Edge prep mortise: 7/8" x 5" mortise with a 3/8" cutter and 5/8" guide or a 1/2" cutter and a 3/4" guide.

Template is adjustable for 1-3/4" & 1-3/8" doors. Accurate Face Prep for the above: Finish pocket dimension: 2.063 x 5.718 set for a 2-1/2" backset position from the door edge to the center of the pocket. All above configured on a three sided wrap-around, clamp-on template. Note: mortising for the 7/8" x 5" mortise will be machining between the two red block-off tabs, and mortising for the 1" x 8" mortise is done with the red block-off tabs removed. This particular configuration does not do the deep pocket mortise for the lock body but it can be configured for one model or the other but not both. Contact us if you would like more information regarding this adaptation

Stock Number: Accurate 2000 & 2002

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