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Deltana Olive Knuckle Hinge Deltana Olive Knuckle Hinge

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Deltana Olive Knuckle Hinge $79.00
Details: 2-1/2" Olive Knuckle Hinge (Pair, L&R)

Template set for Deltana OK2520 Series hinge with a 2-1/2” x 1/2” leaf. Deltana olive knuckle hinges are handed for left and right hand door swing and require the use of two templates, a Left Hand and a Right Hand configuration. These templates are sold in pairs, one left and one right. This small hinge requires that you use a 1/4” cutter and a 5/8” router template guide attached to your router to complete the installation of your hinges. Note: we make these templates smaller by 0.005 for the width of the leave, we have found that the hinge leaves tend to run smaller. The head spacing from the end of the pocket opening on the template to the end of the template is 4-1/2" as standard, if you want another head spacing please make a note of the change in the comment section upon checkout. We can also produce a Multi-Pocket Full Length template for these hinges. Contact us for more information.

Note: this is a very small hinge, only 2-1/2" tall by 2" wide, see the inset photo to the left.  Also you do not get the hinge or the money that is in the photo, in case you were wondering.

Deltana Disclaimer: Please note that over the years we have found that the dimensions on the Deltana Olive Knuckle Hinge are not consistent and appears to have a very “loose” manufacturing tolerance. For this reason we cannot guarantee that your hinges will fit into the mortises that our templates produce. If you’re not willing to accept wide gaps and or considerable hand work to make the hinges fit into the mortises, Do Not purchase these templates.

Stock Number: Deltana OK 2520

Support and Help Files: Deltana OK2520 drawing.pdf
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