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Concealed Hinges

Tectus 541 3D Tectus 541 3D

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Tectus 541 3D $79.00
Details: Tectus 541 3D Concealed Hinge

Single pocket template will produce both the deep mortise and the shallow or finish mortise for the Tectus 541 3D concealed hinge with the 11mm offset. Cut the deep mortise between the red block-off tabs. Remove the red and white block-off tabs and cut the shallow or finish mortise. Use a 1/2” cutter with a 5/8” template guide to produce perfect mortises using your router. NOTE: hinge dimension is: 185mm (7.284”) x 28mm (1.102”). We can also produce templates in a 'Full Length' or multi-pocket version for different door heights and numbers of hinges, call for details.

Note the photo of the underside of the template is shown in the small the photo to the left. The sample tectus hinge shown in the photo is not included with the template.

Stock Number: Tectus 541-1

Support and Help Files: Tectus 541 3D.pdf
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