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Special Application

Halliday Baillie HB 680 / 670 Edge Pull

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Halliday Baillie HB 680 / 670 Edge Pull $219.00
Details: Halliday Baillie Edge Pull Termplate Set

Three Piece Template Set for the Halliday Baillie Push Button Edge Pull 680 & Halliday Baillie 670 Flush Pull template set with 7/8" Template guide. This clamp-on style template will produce a finish mortise dimension on the edge of the door for the HB 680 Edge Pull of: .788 x 6.683 using a 5/8" OD template guide and will also produce the Deep Pocket mortise of .538 x 4.437 x the required depth of 2.0 using the 7/8" OD template guide (TG-875). Use your own clamps to attach the template to the door. Note; mortising between the red block-off tabs produces the deep pocket and mortising without the tabs in place produces the shallow finish mortise. If you are mortising several doors, it's faster if you set up two routers, one with the 5/8" template guide installed for the shallow finish mortise and another router with the 7/8" template guide installed to produce the deep pocket. We also have longer router bits available to cut the deep pocket if you need one, see Router Bits under the "Cutting Tools" heading on the home page.

The second template in the set is the HB 670 Flush Pull template. It will produce the 1.20" x 5.910" pocket to accept the recess on the surfaced mounted HB 670 Flush Pull. Use the standard 5/8" template guide and a 1/2" router bit with this template.

Templates can be ordered seperatly if you do not want to purchase the set.  Contact us for pricing.

Stock Number: HB 680 / 670 Edge Pull Set

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