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Emtek Edge Pull Template 3/4 Emtek Edge Pull Template 3/4 Emtek Edge Pull Template 3/4

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Emtek Edge Pull Template 3/4" x 4" $98.75
Details: Emtek Edge Pull Template 3/4" x 4" two sided Clamp-On style for Emtek Model 2221

Emtek Edge Pull Template designed for the Emtek Model 2221 hardware with a finish mortise of 3/4” x 4”. Emtek has produced this pull with a 4-1/16" dimension on the overall height, we are finding now that the hardware is pretty much 4" in height, so we have adjusted the finish mortise to reflect this change. If your hardware is 4-1/16" in height, please contact us. This template is a two sided Clamp-On style template that does not use nails to attach to your doors, simply use your own “C” clamps to hold the template in position to complete your mortises with your router.  The template does the finish size of 3/4" x 4" but it also does the two deeper mortise pockets needed to create the clearance for the pivot and spring pocket and the finger pull extension with the use of an ABS plastic insert that has both pockets ready for your router. With the ABS insert removed it produces the finish mortise of 3/4” x 4” and with the ABS insert installed produces the deeper pockets.  Note: A longer router bit is required to produce the 1-5/8" deep pocket for the finger pull. This template is a Clamp-On style that provides a firmer work surface over the Nail-On style template and allows the use of a larger router when making the deeper mortise pockets for this hardware and is also adjustable for door thickness. Template length is approximately 18”. Use a 1/2" router bit with a 5/8” template guide on your router. We have the Guides & Router Bits if you need them.

A sample of the Emtek Model 2221 Edge Pull hardware is shown to the left, also the position of the "finger-pull" on the template is marked UP, just as the photo of the hardware shows. If you want the installation of the finger pull to be "down" just reverse the template.



Stock Number: Emtek EP-2

Support and Help Files: Emtek2.pdf
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