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Strike Only


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1" x 7-1/2" with Centered 5-11/16" Lip $72.00
Details: Special 1" x 7-1/2" Strike

We're not sure what this particular strike is for or who the manufacturer is, looks to be a GU brand. Use your router with a 1/2" cutter and a 5/8" OD template guide to produce perfect mortises every time.

Finish size is: 1" x 7.5" with a centered 5-11/16" lip. If you know who makes this particular strike please let us know. Picture to the left shows the template and the strike hardware. No you don't get the hardware when you order the template, nice try.

If you need the Dust Box template for this strike, please let us know at the same time you place your order and we'll produce the mated pair at the same time so the registration is exact. Cost for the Dust Box template is the same as the Strike Template. Here is a link to the Dust Bucket Insert: ST-174 Dust Bucket Insert



Stock Number: ST-174

Support and Help Files: ST-174.pdf
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