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Schlage BE-Series Template Drill Guide Schlage BE-Series Template Drill Guide

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Schlage BE-Series Template Drill Guide $87.00
Details: Schlage BE-Series Template Drill Guide. For BE365 / BE365F / BE367 / BE367F locks.

Retrofitting or installing new Schlage BE-Series cylindrical locks. This drill template will locate on the 2-1/8” hole bored in the door face using the built in alignment plug. One hardened steel 3/8” drill bushing is located 1-1/2” above the centerline of the 2-1/8" bore center providing perfect location for the 3/8” hole to be drilled through the door for this Schlage lock. Template dimensions: 4-3/4" x 9”. Clamp this template drill guide to the door face using your clamps and drill the 3/8” hole in the exact location. The hardened steel drill bushing used in this tool will allow hundreds of holes to be drilled without causing wear on the bushings. Cheaper plastic versions of this tool do not use hardened drill bushings and their bushings will wear out quickly requiring the tool to be tossed out and replaced.

Stock Number: TDG-Schlage BE

Support and Help Files: Schlage BE-Series Drill Template.pdf
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