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Mortise Lock Installation

Deep Pocket Mortise Template

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Deep Pocket Mortise Template $108.00
Details: Deep Pocket Mortise Template, custom made to your mortise lock box dimension. 5 inches Wide

Install deep mortise lock boxes with this oversize adjustable clamp-on template and your router. We'll custom make a 5" wide template configured to the finish size of the lock box that you are installing allowing you to produce the deep pocket in the door edge needed to install your mortise locks. This extra wide template is securely clamped to your door using your clamps and will give you the needed support for your router when making these deep cuts. Use your own router (plunge router if you have one) with a 1/2" collet and a 5/8" outside diameter template guide attached to the router base. You may need two router bits to make the deep mortise, depending on the depth of the pocket, both router bits will have a 1/2" diameter shank with a 1/2" cutting diameter. The first bit used will be 3-1/4” long (SRB-1) and will produce mortises depths up to 2-3/4” and the second bit should be at least 5-1/2" long overall (LRB-2).This bit will produce pockets up to 4-1/2”. The longer bit should be a two flute balanced design with the two cutting faces opposed to each other. See our SRB-1 Router Bit and our LRB-2 router bit under the "Cutting Tools" heading to see these router bits. 

Using the template is easy: First clamp the template in the proper position on the door edge using your own clamps. Template is fully adjustable for door thickness with heavy duty slotted steel brackets on the underside of the template. Drill a pilot hole 5/8" diameter minimum into the door edge in the center of the template pocket to the depth required for the lock that you are installing. You will use this pilot hole to start your router bits each time you increase the depth of the cut. Using several 1/4" to 1/2" deep cut passes with your router, keep increasing the depth until you have cut as deep as you can with the first router bit. Remove the short router bit and install the longer router bit. Continue cutting with the longer bit in increasing depths until you reach the finish depth required.

Ordering is easy: At check out in the comment section tell us the exact finish size of the deep pocket mortise that you want to create. We can make a template for a pocket width of 1/2" to 1-1/16" wide and any length up to 6-1/2" long. Example: Please make deep pocket mortise finish size: 13/16” x 4-5/8”

Click on the links for: Router Bits: SRB-1, LRB-2 and Template Guide: TG-1

Tip: The larger the router, the easier it is to do this deep mortise. A 3 HP plunge router is suggested but you can do the job with a smaller router, just make your cuts shallower and slower.  Always use eye protection when using power tools.

The photo to the left is an example of a combination template that will do both the finish mortise on the edge of the door and the deep pocket mortise for the lock body. The deep pocket mortise is made by mortising between the red tabs and the finish or shallow mortise is produced by mortising with the red tabs removed. Contact us for details and pricing if you want a “Combo” style template made to your specifications.

Stock Number: DPMT-1

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