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Baton F4 Euro Mortise Template Baton F4 Euro Mortise Template Baton F4 Euro Mortise Template

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Baton F4 Euro Mortise Template $171.00
Details: Baton 24mm x 235mm latch & 14.5mm x 165mm x 82mm deep pocket mortise template

Baton series F4 Euro Mortise Lock Case template is a three sided wrap around template and is adjustable for door thickness. The template is designed to produce the finish mortise for the latch face, 24mm x 235mm and the deep pocket mortise for the lock body with a finish size of 14.5mm x 165mm x 82mm deep. We have added some wiggle room in the deep mortise pocket so the lock body will drop into the mortise. The limiting factor for the deep mortise is the length of your router bit. You will need a bit that has a 1/2 inch cutter and is 5 inches minimum in length. Mortising between the red plastic block-off tabs using a 7/8 OD inch template guide and the 1/2 inch cutter will produce the deep pocket mortise. If you use a shorter router bit to produce the deep pocket mortise there will be some hand mortising work needed to complete the mortise. When mortising for the latch face, use a 5/8 inch template guide and a 1/2 inch hinge mortising router bit. When attaching the template to the door we have included 8 of our double headed nail assemblies, 4 on each side. These nail assemblies are positioned on the template to give you a pilot hole location for the two function holes and the two trim plate attaching holes on each side of the door. The 7/8 inch template guide can be found in the parts and accessories section and the 1/2 inch hinge mortising bit is located in the cutting tools section. Please see the corresponding strike template and dust box template for this mortise lock in the strike only section.

Stock Number: Baton F4 Euro Latch

Support and Help Files: Baton F4 Mortise Lock.pdf
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