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Lamp Hinge  by Sugatsune

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Lamp Hinge by Sugatsune $116.00
Details: Lamp HES3D-135 Concealed Hinge, Pair

Router Template Set for the Lamp Concealed Hinge by Sugatsune. One pair for door & jamb hinge application. Door leaf finish size is: 24mm x 135mm. Jamb leaf dimension is 30mm x 160mm with an ABS plastic overlay to allow for the use on rabbited jambs or where the door stop has already been applied. Template also produces the 20mm deep mortise of 100mm long (between the red tabs shown in the picture) on the door template and 110mm between the red tabs on the jamb template. When using a standard 1/2” mortising bit to produce your mortise, there will be a very small amount of hand work required on the mortise corners because the hardware has a 6mm (.236”) radius and the 1/2” cutter produces a .250” radius in the corner of the mortise pocket.

Suggusted Template Guide for this application: TG-1 Template Guide

Suggusted Router Bit for this application: Standard Router Bit

Stock Number: Lamp HES3D-135

Support and Help Files: HES3D-V135(1).pdf
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