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Electric Strike Template  RCI S6514

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Electric Strike Template RCI S6514 $72.00
Details: RCI Electric Strike Template, S6514

Instructions: Template produces the finish size dimensions: 1-1/4” x 4-7/8” with deep pocket for solenoid box 1. Adjust the red backset stops on the underside of the template (not shown) to position the centerline of the strike plate with the centerline of the latch bolt. 2. Nail the template to the jamb face with the red stops resting against the edge of the jamb. Note: we suggest that the jamb casing be installed on the jamb loosely prior to mortising. 3. Using a router with a 1/2” mortising bit and a 5/8” template guide, mortise the finish dimension (shallow mortise) of the strike plate. Note: red ”block off tabs” removed. Square out the corners of the mortise pocket with your corner chisel. 4. Install the two red ”block off tabs” (shown installed on the top of the template) then with your router mortise for the deep pocket of the solenoid box and wires. Mortise all the way through the casing. 5. Remove the casing and slide the electric strike into the mortise, reinstall the casing. Note: You can't install the strike assembly with the casing attached because of the wires protruding from the side of the solenoid case. NOTE: Electric Strike hardware as shown not include with the template.

Stock Number: ST-RCI-S6514

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