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Concealed Hinges

Hafele H2 Concealed Hinge

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Hafele H2 Concealed Hinge $52.00
Details: Hafele H2 Concealed Hinge

Produce perfect mortise pockets for the Hafele H2 Concealed Hinge. This hinge requires a two-step mortise, a deep mortise in the center @ 23.3mm x 60mm and a shallow or finish mortise for the finish depth @ 23.3mm x 95mm. Set your router for the deep center pocket and make your cut. Remove the two red 'block-off' tabs that divide the pocket on the template, set your router for the shallow or finish cut, complete the mortise and you're finished. Supplied with two nail assemblies as shown and there are two door and jamb thickness adjustment stops on the underside of the tool. This router template will work on both doors and jambs. Move the template to each position to complete your mortises on the jamb and door. Use a 1/2" router bit and a 5/8" template on your router.

Stock Number: Hafele H2

Support and Help Files: Hafele H2a(3).pdf
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