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Special Application

LCN Closer

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LCN Closer $362.00
Details: LCN 2030 Overhead Concealed Closer for wood doors and wood jambs.

Template set for the LCN (Ingersoll-Rand) overhead concealed closer for wood door and jambs, series 2030 X ST-2266. The four template set to the left provides exact mortises for the jamb, (two top templates) and the door (two bottom templates). Template lengths are 33-1/2” for the jamb templates and 34” for the door templates. Jamb templates are attached to the jamb with our standard double headed nail attaching assemblies or may be clamped if preferred. Door templates are clamped to the door face. All templates are reversible for both left and right hand configurations. Top template (shallow mortise for closer) finish dimensions: 3.710” x 23-5/8”. Second template (deep mortise for closer) dimensions: 3-1/16” x 20-7/8”. Third template (top of door deep mortise) finish dimension 1-1/4” x 23-5/8”. Bottom template mortises the hinge side of the deep mortise on the deep pocket of the door and both ends. Note: you must use the (#417 wood clips) supplied by LCN to install this closer in wood jambs.

Stock Number: LCN2030

Support and Help Files: LCN Closer 2030.pdf
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