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Single Pocket

Router Template Set  4 single pocket templates

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Router Template Set 4 single pocket templates $109.00
Details: Four Single Pocket Templates, 351, 401, 351 KF, 401 KF

Produce perfect hinge mortises for 3-1/2” and 4” hinges and save 20% over purchasing these four templates separately. This four template set contains one each of our model: 351, 351-KF, 401 and 401-KF. Models 351 and 401 produce mortises with 1/4” radius corners for 3-1/2” hinges and 4” hinges with a head spacing of 7”. Models 351-KF and 401-KF produce mortises with 5/8” radius corners for 3-1/2” hinges and 4” hinges that have 5/8” radius corners, head spacing is 8” on these templates but allowance for trimming the head spacing to 7” has been provided. If you’re installing hinges with square corners you will use the 1/4” radius templates. Like our full length multi pocket templates these single pocket router templates will produce exact hinge mortises on both door and jamb. Each template has two adjustable red plastic stops on the back of the template to work with different door thickness and two nail attaching assemblies. Match an existing hinge layout or create your own hinge spacing by simply moving the template. Like all of our Router Templates, use a 5/8” outside diameter router template guide on your router and a 1/2” hinge mortising bit with these templates. See our model TG-1 Router Template Guide and our CB-1 or CB-4 Hinge Mortising Bits, both are featured Items on our Home Page or click on the links here.   Links: Carbide Router Bits    Template Guide: Spring Loaded Corner Chisel

Stock Number: 1HTS-4

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