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Special Application

Von Duprin Power Transfer Unit Door Template

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Von Duprin Power Transfer Unit Door Template $87.00
Details: Von Duprin Power Transfer Unit, Door Template 1-1/4'' x 9-1/16''

Von Duprin Power Transfer Unit, Door Template. Finish mortise size of 1-1/4” x 9-1/16” is located in the center of a 1-3/4” thick door but is also adjustable for different door thickness. Template also does the 7-3/4" long x 1-5/8" deep pocket mortise for wood doors, with the use of the two red plastic block off tabs. For 1-3/4” hollow metal doors, power unit models EPT2, EPT10 & PNT1 ref: Von Duprin Template # 40250. As this template is designed to be clamped to the door face, no screws are needed, simply clamp to the door using your clamps. Template is designed to use a 5/8” od Template Guide ( TG-1) and a 1/2” metal cutting bit ( end mill ) . Use a TICN coated 1/2” shank x 1/2'’ cutter diameter end mill for metal doors. End mills may be purchased from McMaster-Carr, part number 8923A23 TICN coated. Option for a smaller diameter cutter: use a 1/4" cutter, Mc Master-Carr, part number 8923A17 with a 3/8" Template Guide on your router.  (Tip: use a variable speed router with the speed reduced) NOTE: ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN USING CUTTING TOOLS.

Stock Number: VD-PT1

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