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Special Application

VingCard Electric Lock Template

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VingCard Electric Lock Template $176.00
Details: VingCard Series: VC-1050 / VC-2100 / VC-3000

Save hours of layout work and dramatically reduce the chance for errors. This template is clamped to the face of the door with the edge of the template flush with the door edge. This puts the centerline of the lockset at 2-3/4” from the door edge. There are four hardened 3/16" ID steel drill bushings located in the exact position for pilot holes. Use these pilot holes to drill the 1/2”, 3/4” and 1-1/2” holes in the door face. To complete the pocket mortise use a 5/8” outside diameter router template guide on your router and a 1/2” mortising bit with this template. A smaller 1/4" cutter and 3/8" OD guide can be used to reduce the amount of hand finish work. For steel doors you can use the template as a marking tool and use a saber saw to cut the door skin. See our model TG-1 Router Template Guide and our CB-1 or CB-4 Hinge Mortising Bits, both are Featured Items on our Home Page.

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