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How To Use a Door And Jamb Template

Full length Templaco door and jamb templates are easy to use. After the door has been fit for the jamb, follow these simple steps below:

Always work from the top of the jamb and the top of the door

Adjust the red plastic stops on the back of the template to the proper back-set position that you require on the jamb. This setting will provide how much of the hinge is showing when the door is closed. (red plastic stops must contact the edge of the jamb). Once this setting has been made, do not change it; rout both the jamb and the door with this setting. This will guarantee a flush fit with the outside of the jamb and the outside of the door.

Place template on the jamb with the red plastic stops against the jamb edge, then move the template up until the brown spacer tack on the end of the template contacts the top of the jamb. The spacer tack provides the necessary door head clearance to the top of the door jamb.

Using the built-in nailing assemblies on the template, use your hammer to nail the template to the door jamb.

With your own router, rout out the jamb material using a 1/2" hinge mortising bit, and a 5/8" outside diameter router template guide attached to the base of your router.

Reverse the template 180ยบ, top to bottom and place the template on the door with the red stops against the door edge. Flush the end of the template (the wood part) not the brown tack, flush with the top of the door then nail the template snug to the door.

After routing, remove the template, apply the hinges and hang the door into the opening.

Tips: The red plastic stops on the template must be in contact with the edge of the door and the edge of the jamb when you're routing the mortises. You must use a 1/2" hinge mortising router bit and a 5/8" outside diameter router template guide on your router, or the universal router bit with a 5/8" top mounted bearing.

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