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Mortise Lock Installation

Hager 3800 Series Drill Guide Hager 3800 Series Drill Guide

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Hager 3800 Series Drill Guide $49.00
Details: Drill guide for Hager "3800" Series

Hager, ”3800” Series, Drill Guide, made from solid cold formed steel (not plastic) and welded into a precision ”T” shape. Take that paper template provided by the lock manufacturer and use it as a reference guide only. This solid 1/8” thick steel drill guide template provides for all 5 of the hole locations that you will need when installing the ”3800” Series locks made by Hager. After you complete the finish mortise for the lockset on the edge of the door, slide the DG-S11 Drill Guide into that mortise flush with the face of the door and then using your drill-motor, drill each 1/8” pilot hole in the exact location as prescribed by Hager. You can't make a mistake, your drill won't wonder off centerline and each pilot hole is perfectly aligned for its finish hole size. Need other Drill guides for Baldwin, Sargent, Falcon or other Mortise Locksets… call us, we are designing new tools all the time. (companion product = Latch Template, Model LT-141ASA, finish size 1-1/4” x 8”, see listing under ”latch only”)

Stock Number: DG-S11

Support and Help Files: DG-S11.pdf
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